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Online Tenant Application

Please read below to learn about our application screening process and what you can expect.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us at 317-626-0722 or Email to:

Application Screening Fee: $75 for each adult applicant whose income will be considered, or residing in the unit.

- The screening fee is to cover the cost of obtaining information on the applicant as we process the application for a rental agreement.

- The screening fee must be paid in cash, money order or paypal.  Cash can be delivered in person by arrangement: call or email our office.  Money Order may be mailed and addressed to: c/o Edenbridge 2230 Stafford Road, Suite 115, Plainfield IN 46168

Application Process:

-We offer application forms to everyone who inquires about the rental

-We review applications in the order they are received by us.

-We may require up to 5-7 business days to verify information on the application; however, most applications are processed in 2-3 days

-If we are unable to verify information on the application, the application may be denied.

Complete Application:

-Each individual 18 years of age or older must submit a separate application.

-Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

-We will accept the first qualified applicant who is approved by the owner.


-Applicants must submit a valid identification, and must include a photograph.

-Government ID is preferred (Drivers License)

-Copy of ID must be emailed to:

Prior Rental History:

-Rental history of 2 years (if applicable) must be verifiable from unbiased/unrelated sources.

-Applicant must provide us with information necessary to contact past landlords.  We reserve the right to deny any application if, after making good faith effort, we are unable to verify prior rental history.

Sufficient Income/Resources:

-Net household income shall be 3 times the rent (excluding the utilities).

-Income/resources must be verifiable through: 1) copies of 3 months of most recent pay stubs 2) employer contact, 3) current tax records, and or bank statements with deposits.  It shall be the responsibility of the applicant to provide all income information relevant to processing this application.  Copies of income statements, paystubs, etc must be emailed to:

Credit/Criminal/Public Records Check:

-Negative reports may result in denial of application.

-Any individual who is a current illegal substance abuser, or has been convicted of the illegal manufacture or distribution of a controlled substance, or a felony may be denied of tenancy.

Screening Process:

-We determine, based on the application, whether the applicant meets our screening guidelines.

-We verify income and resources.

-We check with current and previous landlords.

-We obtain a credit report, criminal records report, and public records report.

Apply for Tenancy

Applicant Information

List all names of children that will reside with you including ages. 

Do you smoke cigarettes?

Applicant References Other Than Relatives

Your History

Filed for bankruptcy in the last 7 years?
Have you ever been evicted?
Have you had two or more late rental payments in the past year?
Willfully or intentionally refused to pay rent when due?
Been convicted of a felony?

Additional Sources of Income

If you have other sources of income for us to consider, please list income, source, and person (banker, employer, etc.) who we may contact.  You do not have to reveal alimony, child support, or spouse's annual income unless you want us to consider it in this application.

Additional Information

Please give us any additional information that might help the owner/management to evaluate your application.


I hereby warrant that all representation set forth above are true.  To verify the above statements, I direct those persons named in this application to answer questions about me. I waive all rights of actions for consequences as a result of such information.  I agree and authorize and give permission to the management company, owner or serving company to perform a credit check on me. 

Applicant has submitted the sum of $75.00, which is a non-refundable payment for a credit check, and processing of this application by the management company, owner or serving company.  This sum does not represent a rental payment or payment of the lease fee.  In the event that this application is disapproved, or applicant cancels, this sum will be retained by the management company, owner or serving company to cover the cost of processing this application as furnished by the applicant.

Processing of applicant shall be as timely as possible and the results may be offered via telephone, fax, or email.

I certify that the information given herein is complete and correct.  The management company or his/her agent is hereby expressly authorized to verify the accuracy and correctness of these statements, to communicate with my employers, creditors, and landlords, and to procure such other information (including credit reports) which the management company may require to evaluate this application at the time application is submitted and at any time in the future, with regard to any agreement entered into with Management.  Any false information will constitute grounds for rejection of application, or management may immediately terminate any tenancy entered into in reliance upon misinformation given on the application.

I recognize that as a part of your procedure for processing my application, an investigative consumer report may be prepared whereby information is obtained through personal interviews with others with whom I may be acquainted.  This inquiry includes information as to my character, general reputation, personal characteristics and mode of living as permitted by state law.

By typing your name below, you are authorizing the processing of this application

If you are applying with a Co-applicant, please type their name here for cross reference.

Thanks for submitting! Don't forget to pay the application fee through the Paypal link at the top of the page!