• 8% - Management fee, per month, calculated on a full months rent

  • FREE   Set Up for the Property - includes completing a detailed evaluation of the property, professional marketing pictures, and installing lockboxes, online management account for tenant payments and owner fund transfers!!

  • $300 Initial Reserve Required for Emergency Repairs: this is the owner’s funds and will be refunded upon cancellation of management services and fulfillment of contract. If you decide on cancelling your agreement prior to Edenbridge leasing the property, you may do so with no obligation! No fees will be charged and the $250 reserve will be refunded!  (This is paid out of the first months rent for any new tenant)

  • FREE Standard Advertising - Social Media, Zillow, Trulia,, Facebook, Twitter, Craigslist and many many more!!

  • Lawncare during summer months between any tenant vacancies arranged and billed monthly!!  We won't let your rental be the "Bad Guy" on the block! (for up to 90 days)

  • $300.00 OPTIONAL Advertising Expenses (Advertising expenses are only charged for out of the ordinary ad placement requested by owner)


Our complete fee structure can be forwarded to you upon request!


*FMR is considered the first FULL months rent, and is not calculated on any prorated or partial first months rent



Edenbridge Guarantee

If we place a tenant in your property and for any reason the tenant becomes in default of the lease agreement, we will assist you in the eviction process (excluding legal fees) or the removal of that tenant, and find you a new tenant at no additional management charge! No fine print, no excuses, for any reason your tenant is in default of the lease, we will warranty that tenant for FREE!  Good for 9 months from date of lease on all tenant placements. (Excluding any cleaning or repair fees)


Thank you for your interest in Edenbridge!