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If you are interested in the business of renovating homes, then sign up to get on our buyers list. At Edenbridge Property Group, we have created a marketing machine that produces a TON of leads. Many of these leads we receive have untapped equity that as rehabbers, we can capitalize on. We actually produce so many leads, that our company can’t possibly renovate them all.  We will actually pass along our wholesale deals to our buyers list. If you are interested in purchasing a property that you can renovate, then jump on our buyers list by using our contact form.

When you purchase a rehab property from us, you are not just buying the house, but are also getting access to our entire network of real estate professionals as well. This means we will share all of our contacts from our hard money lenders, to our insurance providers, as well as our contractors! Yes, we will actually give you the opportunity to use our pre-screened contractors we use on our own rehabs. In addition to these professionals, anyone who buys a rehab property from us will also receive a discount on the real estate commission if you want to use our brokerage to sell your property once renovated. This service is offered on a case by case basis, for more details simply contact us.


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