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Edenbridge offers a full service real estate brokerage through Vital Equity Realty where we specialize in finding properties for your personal residence, the investor, or the rehabber in Central Indiana. Being an experienced industry leader in sales and property management gives us an edge with market-specific expertise in a complex and evolving real estate landscape. This has transitioned into allowing us to better help our clients with their real estate sales needs.  Regardless of what you are looking for, we are confident you will find our knowledge focused and the solution to your sales and purchase needs.

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Home selling can be a difficult and complicated process requiring knowledge of the local market and trends that affect it.  Spencer Beaman and his team with Edenbridge Property Group know that every seller wants to sell quick and at top dollar!  We use skills, knowledge and experience to navigate customers through this sometimes complicated process.


One of the most improtant factors of a truly successful sale is starting off on the right foot with a reasonable and fair asking price. There are many properties that simply sit on the market for far too long, without any interest from a buyer, because of being incorrectly priced.

If  you wish to have Edenbridge assist you in your next home selling transaction, give us a call at 317-626-0722 or contact us here.

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