Your Realtor® – Your Partner: Seller Profile

What’s Important to You?


You have already asked your prospective Realtor® plenty of questions to determine whether you are a good fit to work together. Now it’s Spencer's turn! In order to have a successful working relationship, reciprocity is important; Spencer wants to know what is important to you when it comes to selling your home. Here are some concerns that you might have. Feel free to ask Spencer about them, so he can provide reassuring answers that de-mystify the home selling process:

  • What do I have to do to make my home more appealing to buyers?

  • How do I know if buyers are really serious or not?

  • How long will my home be on the market?

  • When will you be showing my home to buyers?

  • How do I know if the offers that come in are fair?

  • What if we don’t get an offer for full asking price?

  • How can I coordinate my move to coincide with buying my next home?

Seller Contact Form

Before you list your home with Spencer, he will require a great deal of information about the home. In addition to his personal inspection of your property, he will also ask you many questions that will aid in the successful listing and marketing of your house or condo. You may wonder why all this is necessary. The truth is, at some point you will need to obtain accurate information for the listing and/or for whoever buys your home…so you may as well begin gathering the answers now!

In addition to the basic information about you, please also be prepared to let Spencer know the following information (with accompanying formal documentation wherever possible or relevant):

  • What are the best features of your home?

  • What renovations/repairs/upgrades have you made to your home, and when?

  • What are the neighbours like?

  • Annual utility costs including gas, electric, water, insurance

  • Annual property taxes

  • Parking details

  • Type & age of furnace, A/C, hot water heater, plumbing, electrical

  • What appliances and chattels (personal property) will you leave behind for the buyers?

For Income Properties:

  • What are the monthly rents?

  • What does rent include?

  • Tenants’ contact information?

For Condos:

  • Is parking and/or locker Exclusive or Owned?

  • Location of parking and/or locker

  • Maintenance fees and what they cover

  • Pets permitted or restricted?

  • Square footage if known?

  • Property management company if known?

Spencer may also ask you to have on hand the Deed to your home, any previous home inspection reports, mortgage verification from your lender (showing the current balance of your mortgage) the survey or sketch of your property (a document that outlines the lot size and location of buildings as well as details of encroachments from neighbouring properties), and a copy of your keys to place in the lockbox (which will facilitate showings when you are not at home).

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